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Digital World

On the island we have (had) so many rules, regulations and beliefs in place, that it really hinders (hindered) our way forward. There are so many services now that are online that were impossible a mere 3 weeks ago. But now, because we have been swept along in the world crisis, we were forced to get with the program.

Buying electricity online? “Not possible!” or: “We are looking into it but no, for now it’s not possible.” Except, it now is. Doesn’t matter that it’s through a third party: the fact of the matter is that one thing which seemed impossible previously is now possible. 

Now I am aware that due to all these upgrades that there will be people who will fall through the cracks. And that’s unfortunate and please note that this is never ideal or fun or what I’d want. We unfortunately don’t live in an ideal world, and people need to wake up and realize that we are becoming more and more part of a digital world. The skills we need are now different than even 20 years ago. Uhm, even 10 years ago! 

Who are those who fall through the cracks? The older generation mostly, or who are monetary challenged. I get that. And I’m not patronizing as each and every situation is different and has it’s own difficulties. If we as a human race collectively say let’s take care of those who do fall in between the cracks then we are already getting somewhere. It can be your parents, It can be the neighbor down the street. It can virtually mean anyone.

And with all what is happening now, I do believe that it’s imperative that we get with the program and know what the program means to your particular situation. Cryptic, huh? I’ll elaborate more on that tomorrow 🙂

For now, enjoy the rest of your day and please stay safe!

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What’s next?

At this moment I’m sitting looking at my eldest reading aloud from a book. Since we started (March 20th to be exact) I see an improvement in how fast he’s reading and he seems to be enjoying it a bit more too! What are those odds?

The choice I had in the beginning of our stay-at-home-please phase was to either continue with their school work, or succumb to my desire to be lazy about this and leave it up to their smarty-pant-ness. (Is that even a word?). I guess I still have that choice and let me tell you, being stir crazy these past days haven’t helped the cause. Nevertheless, I’m happy that I’m being somewhat consistent and that when they’re having their teacher-class moment later, they can indicate having learnt some things at least.

Now why am I asking what’s next? Because I’m struggling with this concept for myself of course. I have been in this position – not being able to provide training nor popcorn to generate funds – before. And I’m still here. So I’m quite calm because I know in my gut that we are gonna be alright. Nevertheless I’ve gotten an idea to execute while awaiting the next phase.

One of the key things I’ve learnt through my belief, is that God has equipped each and every one of us with exactly what you need right this moment. Okay, I’ve been thinking. What do I have? I have internet. Check! I have computer(s). Check! I have kids. Check! I also have knowledge on Excel for example. Check! So, why not combine all these and create something of use for others?

That’s what I’m currently doing. Would love to use software like Camtasia to create awesome content. Don’t have that money as yet, so that’s something to work towards. So I found Camstudio which is a free powertool too.

So what’s next? Excel for toddlers anyone? Let me know your thoughts as usual below! We love to hear from you.


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Having a vision

Many people I know have created a vision board for this year. 2020 would have been, and still is, the vision year. Where things are to be put out there and into perspective.

Having all this time on my hand (well, virtually anyways) has me thinking about my own personal vision and how to accomplish ‘them’ or ‘it’.

I’ll start with the sad truth first. I don’t know yet what my vision is. Why is this sad? Because if you don’t have a vision, then you don’t have anything you are working towards. Right?

Now let me share the good and excellent truth too. As things have come to a slow stand still – there is now time for me to look around and figure things out. What should my focus become? Mind you, I’m now only talking about professional bit. The personal bit is a separate entity all together LOL!

Should I remain in the training field? Should I go to popcorn full time? What about entertainment business? What does my heart beat faster for? Don’t have a clue actually. So an exciting time is ahead, with pondering which direction to go to.

How are you spending your time? Share with us below!


One Week Later

It’s been a week that we’re home. Me home with the kids 24/7. No down time except when the kids are in bed, and when they are in bed I sneak in some work or just sit on the couch exhausted from the day’s schoolwork, and more.

So this is just a small way for me to say thank you to ALL the teachers and people who love our kids unconditionally when we are not there. And they handle 30 kids a day! My goodness gracious it’s not easy. So thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!

For now, the only objective I’ve come down to is making sure that my kids are happy, fed and have had at least one (1) educational thing a day. The list I had at the beginning of the week was more extensive: all schoolwork needs to be done per day, varied food every day and making sure the kids exercise and help in the house. Yup. I was ambitious. haha

What does your list look like? How are you experiencing the stay at home? Drop us a line below!

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These last two days have shown ourselves where we are as people.

Kindness is there but so are other aspects which we don’t really want to focus on now do we?

In these trying times let’s collectively try to have more empathy and be more kind. Your heart will thank you for it later 😊


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How many calories?

A friend of mine forwarded an e-book she got full of recipes of 300 calorie meals. The idea is to eat 5 times a day but then only up to 300 calories per take.

Flipping through the pages I was struck on how limited my diet has been so far. Greek yogurt? Nope. Cod? Nope. Asparagus? Nope. Quinoa? Uhm Nope. Now peanut butter! Finally something I can handle! 

You’d think it’s based on my ‘not-adventurous’ inclination towards food right? Well to a point yes, because there are certain things I just will NOT eat. This for example. That just goes too far. But I’ll be happy to try out this for example. And in the research I stumbled on this gem: edible vegetables. Seems nice!

So back to the meals – some of the items (ok, many!) are simply way too expensive for me to handle at this moment. Made me think – planting your own vegetables might not be a bad idea after all! The only hiccup would be time – when?!

My goal of staying on track with the food and exercise including the how many calories I intake might be quite difficult. I will try it out for the coming month to see if it’s doable. I’ll report back in four week’s time!

Now – this concludes the personal category. And also concludes me writing this way as it has remained difficult to talk about something specific. Back to chaos then yay!

Happy weekend, see you next week!

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What are the odds for a piano falling on my head at this point in time? Seemingly zero! But more importantly, seemingly you can calculate that too!

hebertmath | 6th Grade Math.

Of course using real figures instead of just putting in “piano falling on my head now” as I originally used it for! 😀

This got me thinking – how do I live my life in general? Do I consider probabilities before making decisions that are important? Or do I just do what feels right and wing it? Unfortunately for the mathematics in me, I wing it more often than not. Which means that I’m more willing to take risks than would be considered safe or healthy in ‘normal’ situations. 

Why am I talking about this? Because I heard a podcast yesterday from Erwin McManus and he indicated that when you die, how would you want to be remembered? As the guy (or girl in this case) who played it safe in everything that you did? Or as the person who did things ‘recklessly’ as it appeared on their path? He then explained that he heard some of his coworkers discuss how they entered into the most dangerous parts of countries with Erwin, while they both lived in before and have never ever ventured there on their own. Their conclusion was that the reality was way less dramatic than they were expecting.

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There are things that I’m naturally not inclined to do, and therefore I won’t either just because I heard the podcast. But, on opportunities that come on my path – even when they are disguised as challenges and difficulties – I will not bow down and just grasp them as they come. Because let’s face it: who wouldn’t want an adventurous life?

So let’s go people – take that risk and feel alive even for that moment. You WILL thank yourself later. (NO! Do not jump off that bridge or life endangering things please! SJEEZ, context please! :D) Leave your comments below!


Food and exercise

Should actually leave the food out of the equation don’t you think? Food and exercise? Well no, can’t leave food out and just focus on the exercise. Because they both go together. Or so experts say.

I have a different theory though. And that theory is based on the fact that I love cooking. And of course, I love eating the food too! Am not laboring in the kitchen and then don’t eat, right?

So now where am I on the exercise bit of the equation? I just heard a podcast where the guy (note! guy!) was saying that you have to make something a priority if you want it done. And, he is 100% correct. If something doesn’t get the attention it deserves, then nothing will happen. Simple. 

Now let’s balance a few things, shall we? This is a small compilation of current priorities, and maybe you can help me shape them somehow in order to fit the exercise in there. There are actually only three things that take up most of my time. God (developing relationships take time and effort), taking care of the house (cooking, cleaning and washing clothes for the family), taking care of the businesses (ADG, PoF and PP). 

I have no idea how to fit exercise in there. So to level things off a bit (level the love handles for example), I started to walk the kids to school 2 or 3 times a week. That added around 2000 steps to my day, which isn’t all bad seeing that I am living a sedate life style. Now I’m looking for other ways to add more exercise which doesn’t put me in a position of having to get up at 3:30. Cus 4:30 is early enough thank you very much.

Any ideas or comments? Drop them below s’il vous plait!

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The news

Confession time again! With all the corona virus media drama, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the WHY I don’t watch the news.

My goodness gracious! All the drama! Don’t think I’ve seen posts of people before where you can clearly taste the fear due to all the ‘what if’ scenarios! By the way, as I am NOT a medical professional, I ain’t uttering a single word about the disease itself. I am only talking about the reaction people are having to this disease.

Now something totally unrelated, to illustrate my point. Last weekend I had the pleasure to speak to an older lady (she’s in her 90’s) and she told me that when she was strolling around her block, listening to the news on her portable radio, she didn’t see a banana peel on the street. What happened? Just like in the cartoons, she fell when she stepped on the banana peel! Guess the news caught her too much off guard for her to not look at her surroundings. If you hear her tell the story though, it reminds you like the cartoons of the 80’s! 😀

And that is exactly why I’m not bothering much with the news. I’ve been told countless times that I am ignorant and that I should.. no MUST watch the news to be informed. Informed of what exactly? That the museums in Rome have been closed? Or an almost calamity on the internet? Or embarrassment for Curacao about Venezuela? 

Unfortunately I would fail to see how that could contribute to my overall well being. When the news is big enough, people talk about it and you hear it anyways.

So unless there is something I haven’t heard yet, I’ll stick to my way. No news is good news. Happy Tuesday! As always, feel free to leave your comments down below!



Tax Monday morning fun!

Last Friday I got the mail that was delivered at my old address and lo-and-behold: three tax letters were awaiting me. 

I do not like receiving tax letters, as things are quite messy at the moment and a humongous clean up is underway. So with mixed feelings I opened up the letters, and see that they are letters informing me that I have 2 months to appeal to their decision.

Great! I thought, more paperwork underway. Not when I noticed that the deadline for these letters is Monday, March 9th, 2020.

So is God good or what? I now can spend my beautiful morning creating objection letters and wanted to share my inner joy with y’all. So – tax Monday morning fun! Enjoy this new week and we’ll c what tomorrow will bring shall we?

Some laughter to keep you:

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