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Having a vision

Many people I know have created a vision board for this year. 2020 would have been, and still is, the vision year. Where things are to be put out there and into perspective.

Having all this time on my hand (well, virtually anyways) has me thinking about my own personal vision and how to accomplish ‘them’ or ‘it’.

I’ll start with the sad truth first. I don’t know yet what my vision is. Why is this sad? Because if you don’t have a vision, then you don’t have anything you are working towards. Right?

Now let me share the good and excellent truth too. As things have come to a slow stand still – there is now time for me to look around and figure things out. What should my focus become? Mind you, I’m now only talking about professional bit. The personal bit is a separate entity all together LOL!

Should I remain in the training field? Should I go to popcorn full time? What about entertainment business? What does my heart beat faster for? Don’t have a clue actually. So an exciting time is ahead, with pondering which direction to go to.

How are you spending your time? Share with us below!

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