Who am I?

At the heart this is a scary question. Do you go all out and bare your soul on the internet, or do you give just a tad of the inner you for people to be satisfied?

For now I’ll do the latter. I’m sure that during this 1,000 day journey you will get to know the soul baring me anyhow!

Another question that comes up while writing this: why am I doing this? Like with any challenge: it will be exhilarating to make it by becoming more diligent and flexing the muscle. I have been taught that you only learn by doing and not be talking about it, so this is the main reason for this blog. To prove once and for all to myself that I CAN stick to it and do it.

Off the bat I can give you this: I am first and foremost a mother of two boys. All else follows this truth. Besides this, I am always in motion: personal growth anyone?

I have a company called ADG Consultancy BV, which is my [put serious face here] job. MOS certified giving training and being support as that’s my cup of tea. There is much more brewing, besides tea that is, so I’m curious to see where this will end up.

Therefore, come join me in this personal journey and we’ll see where we end up!




Microsoft Office support

As a Microsoft Office Specialist Master, as well as someone who loves to help, this job is perfect. Training or consultancy? Check! I got you covered!


happy translation

Even though I don’t talk about this much, I translate as a means to an end. As a family we use the money generated from this to travel for instance. How cool is that?

popping flavor in people’s lives

Well if that wasn’t enough (because believe me, there is more!) we also created Pop of Flavor where we provide people with smiles through popcorn!


personal journey


“Let’s reverse that shall we? Why NOT color? Color is there to brighten me up, to make my life more interesting but mostly to serve as a reminder to be myself no matter the circumstances”


“Interestingly enough, in the Caribbean seasons mean more than fall, winter, spring and summer. Actually, we don’t even have that go figure! What they then stand for in this context? I wonder about this myself – so let’s go find out: 1,000 days to do so!”

Early life

“Who’s my mother and who’s my father? Isn’t that the way people were introduced waayy back in the day? Early life represents just that: where did I come from?”

Lasting or…

“When we are no longer here, what will people remember? Will they remember the smiles or will the remember the sorrows? I’d prefer the smiles any day! So let’s get going!”