To be or not to be

Is that my question?

The concept for starting on this journey is two fold. First:  I am a business woman and what you put out there on the internet.. well.. it stays out there, right? So the question then becomes: how much am I willing to share about my ‘being or not being’? Secondly: up to now in this year (2019), my social media outlets have been pretty quiet. (Non existent to be exact). To sum this up the question actually is: Who is Ariadne Sophia?

Sharing on social media has it’s perks as people can follow you along as you go and grow. As I’ve not shared anything for most of this year, I have created this space to ‘showcase’ it all of the past year.

But, I hear you think, Ariadne.. is this a company branding thing or a personal branding thing? Somehow it’s hard to separate the two. When you meet someone for the first time, what question is asked most often than not? “So… what is it you do?”

Therefore, as my social media status is now non-existent, and all the things I do are engraved into my personality  this page is here. Yes, I love love LOVE teaching and providing support, so that’s the ADG Consultancy part. Yes, I LOVE making people happy with food. So that’s the Pop Of Flavor part.

What I realize now is that I am incredibly blessed. Not only am I allowed to do what I love, but I’m also allowed to share it with you – however or whichever part of me that you would need.

The beginning of this year (2020) has started with a bang and it has posed a tremendous opportunity for personal growth. Besides this, I’m excited to announce that I’m almost reaching 50 blog posts in about 6 working days! I can’t believe it really to have made it this far! So I’m keeping this ball up, up and.. away! 🙂

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