Photo by Tittle

Successful projects

Don’t know if you’ve seen this project on Kickstarter? It’s incredible how this has been funded – 17,194% of the amount they’ve asked for how cool is that?

This to me highlights the focus that the world now has: instead of only the cool gadgets as in for innovations and improvement of self, work and other stuff, ‘entertainment’ is now more in focus than ever!

That’s not the only thing in focus – have you heard about the virtual meetup rooms found here? It’s literally amazing what I’ve encountered in this meetup location: tons of resources but most of all – kindness. A thing that seems even ancient is emerging: people look out for one another. Even if they are miles, oceans or continents apart! Isn’t that amazing?

I would like to urge everyone to keep going at this exact pace. Let’s just be kinder to one another, help where you can and most of all? Don’t panic. 

What would denote successful projects to you? Drop us a comment below as usual, and stay blessed peeps!

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