Food and exercise

Should actually leave the food out of the equation don’t you think? Food and exercise? Well no, can’t leave food out and just focus on the exercise. Because they both go together. Or so experts say.

I have a different theory though. And that theory is based on the fact that I love cooking. And of course, I love eating the food too! Am not laboring in the kitchen and then don’t eat, right?

So now where am I on the exercise bit of the equation? I just heard a podcast where the guy (note! guy!) was saying that you have to make something a priority if you want it done. And, he is 100% correct. If something doesn’t get the attention it deserves, then nothing will happen. Simple. 

Now let’s balance a few things, shall we? This is a small compilation of current priorities, and maybe you can help me shape them somehow in order to fit the exercise in there. There are actually only three things that take up most of my time. God (developing relationships take time and effort), taking care of the house (cooking, cleaning and washing clothes for the family), taking care of the businesses (ADG, PoF and PP). 

I have no idea how to fit exercise in there. So to level things off a bit (level the love handles for example), I started to walk the kids to school 2 or 3 times a week. That added around 2000 steps to my day, which isn’t all bad seeing that I am living a sedate life style. Now I’m looking for other ways to add more exercise which doesn’t put me in a position of having to get up at 3:30. Cus 4:30 is early enough thank you very much.

Any ideas or comments? Drop them below s’il vous plait!

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