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The news

Confession time again! With all the corona virus media drama, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the WHY I don’t watch the news.

My goodness gracious! All the drama! Don’t think I’ve seen posts of people before where you can clearly taste the fear due to all the ‘what if’ scenarios! By the way, as I am NOT a medical professional, I ain’t uttering a single word about the disease itself. I am only talking about the reaction people are having to this disease.

Now something totally unrelated, to illustrate my point. Last weekend I had the pleasure to speak to an older lady (she’s in her 90’s) and she told me that when she was strolling around her block, listening to the news on her portable radio, she didn’t see a banana peel on the street. What happened? Just like in the cartoons, she fell when she stepped on the banana peel! Guess the news caught her too much off guard for her to not look at her surroundings. If you hear her tell the story though, it reminds you like the cartoons of the 80’s! 😀

And that is exactly why I’m not bothering much with the news. I’ve been told countless times that I am ignorant and that I should.. no MUST watch the news to be informed. Informed of what exactly? That the museums in Rome have been closed? Or an almost calamity on the internet? Or embarrassment for Curacao about Venezuela? 

Unfortunately I would fail to see how that could contribute to my overall well being. When the news is big enough, people talk about it and you hear it anyways.

So unless there is something I haven’t heard yet, I’ll stick to my way. No news is good news. Happy Tuesday! As always, feel free to leave your comments down below!

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