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Digital World

On the island we have (had) so many rules, regulations and beliefs in place, that it really hinders (hindered) our way forward. There are so many services now that are online that were impossible a mere 3 weeks ago. But now, because we have been swept along in the world crisis, we were forced to get with the program.

Buying electricity online? “Not possible!” or: “We are looking into it but no, for now it’s not possible.” Except, it now is. Doesn’t matter that it’s through a third party: the fact of the matter is that one thing which seemed impossible previously is now possible. 

Now I am aware that due to all these upgrades that there will be people who will fall through the cracks. And that’s unfortunate and please note that this is never ideal or fun or what I’d want. We unfortunately don’t live in an ideal world, and people need to wake up and realize that we are becoming more and more part of a digital world. The skills we need are now different than even 20 years ago. Uhm, even 10 years ago! 

Who are those who fall through the cracks? The older generation mostly, or who are monetary challenged. I get that. And I’m not patronizing as each and every situation is different and has it’s own difficulties. If we as a human race collectively say let’s take care of those who do fall in between the cracks then we are already getting somewhere. It can be your parents, It can be the neighbor down the street. It can virtually mean anyone.

And with all what is happening now, I do believe that it’s imperative that we get with the program and know what the program means to your particular situation. Cryptic, huh? I’ll elaborate more on that tomorrow 🙂

For now, enjoy the rest of your day and please stay safe!

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