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How many calories?

A friend of mine forwarded an e-book she got full of recipes of 300 calorie meals. The idea is to eat 5 times a day but then only up to 300 calories per take.

Flipping through the pages I was struck on how limited my diet has been so far. Greek yogurt? Nope. Cod? Nope. Asparagus? Nope. Quinoa? Uhm Nope. Now peanut butter! Finally something I can handle! 

You’d think it’s based on my ‘not-adventurous’ inclination towards food right? Well to a point yes, because there are certain things I just will NOT eat. This for example. That just goes too far. But I’ll be happy to try out this for example. And in the research I stumbled on this gem: edible vegetables. Seems nice!

So back to the meals – some of the items (ok, many!) are simply way too expensive for me to handle at this moment. Made me think – planting your own vegetables might not be a bad idea after all! The only hiccup would be time – when?!

My goal of staying on track with the food and exercise including the how many calories I intake might be quite difficult. I will try it out for the coming month to see if it’s doable. I’ll report back in four week’s time!

Now – this concludes the personal category. And also concludes me writing this way as it has remained difficult to talk about something specific. Back to chaos then yay!

Happy weekend, see you next week!

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