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Governmental progress

Don’t ask me why I’m writing about government, as I’m the last person to know anything about politics and government in general. I’m told that it’s my duty to know. I’m also told that government is representing me if I vote for the current governmental body. You guessed it. In my head I hear: “Blah, blah, … blah”.

It’s not that I’m disrespecting anyone who wants to be in the government. Be it high up the chain or lower. The whole system (on the island, but I do think it’s world wide), is corrupt. Notice what I said. The system. So I did not nor shall I start to point any fingers.

But where I do draw the line is where the government has any say in the ‘comfort of my living’ so to speak. The way things are structured – or lack there of most of the time – can get on my nerves.

Virtual Office Services Can Help After Trump’s Order

I’m at least happy that some things are now possible online for example. Not everything… and I hope that I can insert the word “yet” here. Therefore, instead of focusing on all the things where governmental progress has not yet arrived, let me focus on the good stuff shall I? For instance: it is possible to make an appointment to get a new passport online. It’s also possible to submit tax information online. That’s a humongous win right there! Or what about the fact that the garbage service has improved over the last 20 years! I do realize that these are not innovations. By far. Because they have been adopted elsewhere and are proven methods already. 

That brings me to the crux of my question: how possible – or not – would it be to drive innovation within the government?

Public Value and ROI Measurement in Government Sector

Personally, I do think size matters in this case: the bigger your government, the more people you’d need to convince that whatever it is you want to implement would be worth their while. Discounting the fact that personal ego’s do sometimes stand in the way of that too I”m afraid.

Does this mean that we cannot hope for progress? Because if I see the word progress for the government that in itself is already an innovative move :D. Thank God that there are instances where I’m proven wrong as can be read here.

What do you think? Is it possible to have innovation in our (local) government? And if so how do you envision it? Let us know below!

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