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Criteria for innovation

You got it! THE idea of the century! You are SURE, CERTAIN that this is going to be it! The market is SO waiting on your idea. The people will be gushing about it and asking themselves .. but why? WHY didn’t I think of that before?

And then comes the time you need to actually take that idea, break it down into actionable steps in order for you to plan out it’s phases. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to do it ALL yourself, are you partnering up with people or are you just gonna see where the wind blows you?

But wait. Wait, wait, wait UP for a second will y’a? Let’s start first with defining what innovation is first! Let’s not pop the champagne just yet. Merriam Webster gives this definition, which fits the above perfectly. But when applying this to a business for example, it might need a little more tweaking. 

Innovation: creating and implementing a new method for result-oriented work; a way to make things better. 

Did you know, that there are criteria for innovation? 

  1. Clarity – How user friendly is the innovation? Is it easily understood?
  2. Usability – Is it results oriented with the result being important for your customer/business?
  3. Stability – Does it optimize resources, create more efficiencies both your customer/business?
  4. Balance – Will it yield reasonable outcome related to the work required to make it work?
  5. Integration – How does it fit within the company?
  6. Profitability – Does it have potential in turnover and profits?

These are just a few – there are numerous lists out there where you can test your idea against to see if you should still pop the champagne or not.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below if you have had that epiphany of an idea and how you worked it out!

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