Morning routine

Are you a morning, midday, afternoon or night person? And if you are anything but a morning person, how do you cope in the mornings? Do you have a routine set out to get you out of bed every day?

I am definitely not a morning person, although I am typing this at 4:50AM this morning. There is just something about night time that gets me highly productive and capable of getting things done, that morning time just doesn’t do. But then what happened? Yeah. I got myself a couple of kids.

Now in the first two years of my life – you’ll notice that I will refer to my life as before kids and after kids – I was trained quite expertly by Justin and Bryan. Both of them were experts at getting up at 10, 1 and 4 so no matter how tired I was… well there was this little human who depended on you to get fed, changed or sang to. I did fail miserably at the singing part as it is just like counting sheep to me:


Counting sheep

Needless to say is now that they’re 5 and 7 respectively, the morning routine still is a thing, as they need to go to school. Groan. WHY, oh WHY? Nevertheless I’m looking to a bright future  – in 5 years time we are going to travel the world for a year. They will be going to school yes. But thanks to technology, we can follow something like this. Which means creating our own routines and hours. Not being pressured into a certain box of you have to and must and absolutely need to‘s. Am I looking forward to that? Most definitely: who wouldn’t?

In any case, back to morning routine. My alarm goes off anytime between 4:30 and 5:30: depending on how rough the previous night was. Regardless of the time I get up though, I make sure to have at least 30 minutes to myself where there is no pressure that something MUST be done. You know the drill – making sandwiches or finding the last clean sock or whatever. No – my 30 minutes of solitude and time with the Lord are mandatory.

After that life can really start. So that’s it. Nothing else is routine in my life except that 30 minutes. What about you? Do you have morning routines that you can’t skip? Like coffee? Or morning-road-rage as I see many parents racing by in the morning with a set face… well might be they didn’t get their coffee yet! haha

Feel free to chime in with your two cents – what are some of your morning routines?

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