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Yesterday I had the pleasure of translating something where the topic was instructing a person on how to ride a horse. Now not just ride, but riding with half-passes and I learnt what a bit was and a wither and that pirouette is not just for ballerinas but also for horses. Who knew?

As a side note: translation has always brought me things to learn and even though I do not like translating, the learning-new-things-thing DOES prove nice.

Back to the horse story. It amazed me to no end, how many times the word “connect” was used in that instruction manual. Seemingly, to get your horse to follow you and your commands with ease, you need to connect to that horse.

How in the world does one make a connection to a horse? As I have no previous nor any future knowledge on horseback riding, I am transposing this question to: how do connections in general work? How do you connect to someone else and become friends? Is it just shared experiences, showing attention/care, or what is it exactly that makes you like one person but dislike the next?

Researching through duckduckgo has given me some perspective, but it didn’t talk about connection. Guess I found one thing that’s not really “research-able” what do you think?

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